Affirmation - August 21st

I claim that the father blessed me with all the blessings in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus. My life is built by God's wisdom, and understanding of the word has brought stability to my life. I'm an extension of the father to my world and anyone who saw me saw the father. Riches and treasures are in my maison:et my justice lasts forever hallelujah!

The Spirit of God has brought me to my place of wealth and prosperity, so the warmth of the country does not affect me; on the other hand, I blossom, like the tree near the rivers of water. I wear fruit in season and out of season, because the father brought me into a life of growing prosperity! I have an onction from the very saint. This unction is at work in my body, my finances, my family and everything that concerns me. It puts me aside for greatness, causing my flowering and progress on all sides, to the glory of the father. Hallelujah!

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