Affirmation 23RD NOVEMBER.

I affirm that I am in the center of God's will and purpose for my life. This is my season of exaltation! The Lord has brought me into a beautiful place of glory, honor, and prosperity. I dwell in Zion; the Kingdom of light, and of God’s dear Son where I reign with Christ and rule by the power of the Spirit! God has granted me the grace to excel in everything in life! As I meditate and appropriate the Word to my life, I make progress by the Spirit and move forward from one level of glory to an even higher realm of glory, and my success is apparent to all. Hallelujah! I know the voice and the leading of the Spirit, for I am a child of God. I am always quick to respond to the promptings, instructions, and counsel from God’s Word, and from His Holy Spirit within me. I am of the day and not of the night. I am the light of the world; my calling is to illumine the hearts of men. When I arrive anywhere, illumination comes, and confusion and perplexity are dispelled. Glory to God!




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