I affirm that the Word of God has built in me an excellent character! My character is a true reflection of the life and nature of God that is in me. I have a glorious life in Christ. I am sound, excellent, vibrant, righteous, healthy and aglow in the spirit. I walk in the glory of God, dispensing the goodness and love of Christ to my world and the regions beyond. I am living an exceptionally great life here on earth, dominating circumstances and living the transcendent life which Christ has made available for me. Daily, I walk in the light of God's Word and exude wisdom and sound judgment. Hallelujah!

I am in charge, and nothing will ever take me by surprise. I am an heir of salvation; my way is paved of the Lord! God's angels have been assigned on my behalf; therefore, as I make affirmations of the Word, they are dispatched in the Name of Jesus, to establish the words of my mouth and ensure that the words that I speak do not come back to me void but accomplish that which I please. Blessed be God!

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