Every word that is consistence with the word of Christ is what holds.In (Isaiah 54-17)said no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper,it's consistence with what Jesus said. He said that nothing shall by any means hot you. Therefore what Isaiah said belongs to the Church.

What you need is studying the word of God constantly, meditated and doing what the word says. Set your mind on the word,live it, it will function in you and help you to make right discussions.

If you find your self in a problem of any kind, maybe at work, or in your business, don't start crying and complaining ,cos the word of God said, there is no disadvantage to the child of God.

In (Romans 8:28)said all things work together for good to them that love God, the question is, do you love God? .If you do, then don't worry, don't chiken out. All things are working for your good, even your mistakes will work together for your good.

No matter the situation, it is for your own good,just say Father I thank you cos my testimony is coming from this situation. Be happy and praise Him always.

This is a higher level in Christ,where you have to understand what ever situation that comes your way is not for your down fall rather for your promotion. The scripture said man in Christ does not sin,just work in love. When you do this, you can not sin,love every body, both black and white, no matter the country the person comes from. love him or her. The colour of skin is not important. Remember that the love of God is shared abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5).

He who works in love works in the light. God commanded light to shine out of darkness, think about it, how can light come out of darkness?and this light is shining in our hearts. (2Corinth 4:6-7).

The word said that we have treasure in earthly vessels, a treasure of love, a treasure of light, a treasure of perfection. All these are working in us,the ability to bring light out of darkness.

Don't regret anything in your life, maybe the mistakes you made some time ago, don't allow this to keep you down. From that mistake command light to come out of that darkness.

You may be sick, but as a child of God, the healing is in that sickness,no matter the sickness, where your pain is;the answer is there also.

That is why the scripture said, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. (Romans 8:37).If you are sick, command healing to come out of that sickness. Hallelujah. Where your problem is, there the power of God will show up. The Lord said, for your shame you shall have double blessing, any where they try to shame you, you will have glory, (shout Amen some body ).There is no shame for you. Remember that what so ever is born of God over cometh the world. The wisdom of God is working in you and working through you,the same wisdom is also working for you. Hallelujah. Give Him praise. Keep living, Read and be blessed



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