7 Factors for Healthy Spiritual Life

7 Factors For Healthy Spiritual Life

There's a healthy spiritual life. Man is a "spiritual being" and not a physical body. Your body is your home, where you live. You can be healthy in your body, but if you don't have a healthy spiritual life, your body will soon be affected. You really can't serve God if you don't have a healthy spiritual life.

[COL 1: 9-12 / KJV] for this reason too, since the day we heard it, let us not stop praying for you, and want you to be filled with the Knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual intelligence, so that you march worthy of the Lord, pleasant to all good work, and growing in the knowledge of God; fortified with all his power, according to his glorious power, to all patience And to all patience with joy; to give thanks to the father, who made us meet to participate in the heritage of saints in the light:

1. Be filled with knowledge of his will.

2. Work worthy of the Lord. Live and behave in a way worthy of the Lord

3. Bear fruit in all good works. I'm productive and productive.

4. Increase in the knowledge of God. He doesn't want your knowledge to be stagnant.

5. Be refreshed and reinforced with the power of God.

6. Exercise Endurance and patience with joy.

7. Always be grateful to the father, be full of thanks. Have a personal thanksgiving.

If you practice these seven things, you will be surprised by sudden change, how your life will take a progressive change.

Become Ravenous for the word of God. Develop a real appetite for the word of

God. Love. Cultivate passion and hunger for the word. Without Him, nothing that has been done has been done... What do I want to do? It's possible with the word. Thanks to the word, you can do anything.



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