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It's important that you study the Word of God and know what is still a promise, what is in the now, what shall be, and what was, so you can identify where you are and where you're going. If you don't know where you ought to be and what you ought to be doing, you may be operating behind God. Sometimes we are looking at ourselves instead of looking at God. ROMANS 5:17 You don't have to feel like you've got authority; you've got it. We don't fail. Failure is not a part of our make up. Your determination to prove that you're a success is evidence that you are. It's my month of Dominion. The victor and the champion is not the one that doesn't face challenges; he is the one that knows how to handle challenges. Stubborn circumstances must be met with stubborn faith. Being a success is a choice. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Never find yourself limited by any situation, location or system. Luke 10:19 We have authority in the name of Jesus, over sickness, over demons. Your authority is not dependent on your class or level of life. It's not about where you live or your physical possessions. It’s not dependent on feelings. I am blessed and empowered for success (Deuteronomy 28) You've got to exercise your authority at different levels, and God would expand your realm of authority. Make the personal decision to practise what you learn in church with all seriousness.



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