Power of The Mind



1.The way to transform,improve,and upgrade your life is by renewing your mind.p10

2.The mind is an intangible,spiritual entity,and only God's Word can give the best light on it. p18

3.The brain is neither the mind nor the soul; it's a physical organ of the body,while the soul and mind are intangible.

4.You're a reflection of your thoughts.p24

5.Your life is the outward manifestation of the inner working of your mind.p32

6.If someone says something to you that challenges God's Word,bar it from your mind.Dont try to accommodate it or reason it out.p42

7.Fact and truth are two different things.Something maybe a fact,but if it doesnt align with the Word of God,It isnt truth.p45

8.One of the first things you must learn to do with your mind is to focus it on the right thing.p52

9.When you focus your mind,it helps to direct your energies and bring them to bear on a particular thing.p55

10.Your spirit has the capacity to control your mind.p58

11.Thoughts are pictures of the mind that have obstructive or destructive possibilities,energetic forces that have power with human emotions. p68

12.You are a reflection of your thoughts.Your life is the outward manifestation of the inner workings of the mind .p70

13.Every thought that makes you resent or despise people,or makes you work against the purposes of God is from the devil,not from you.p72

14.Strongholds are mental walls of containment that prevent people from advancing in the things of God.p85

15.If Satan wants you to displease God.he'll go after your joy.p99

16.You are a manifestor of God's righteousness,a revealer of His light,a dispenser of His goodness...Dont let Satan's character show itself through you.p100

17."To take thought" means to center your mind on something in such a way as to become concerned.p111

18.Dont strive to look good before others; be concerned about Christ instead.p113

18.You may not always be responsible for how information comes to you,but you're certainly responsible for what you do with it.p120

19.The exciting reality of the mind is that its contents and processes can be managed.p122

20.Always build in your mind the right pictures about what you want in life.p129

21.It's important that you help your vision so it becomes clearer to your mind.p136



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