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Wednesday, 16TH May 2018

Structure Your Life With Your Own Words

Why is the church so important? why is it so glorious? God said go to church even if you can hear the word at home. He insisted that we go to church.

The church is the collection of God's children. Jesus said he will build his church and the gate of hell shall not prevail. When we pray together our prayer prevails, we push the devil down. The power of God is more efficient when we gather together to deal with a situation. Like the lion hunts, it waits patiently on its prey, for example a herd of cattle. The lion waits for a cattle to go astray from the herd before it hunts it down, but it cannot attack when the herds are together, because the defense will be stronger. That's how the devil works.

Thoughts and ideas come from God, but thoughts that puts you down, any thought that ruins your hope are not of God. But in the church you hear God's word, the spirit of God ministers to you, you are energized as you feed yourself with the word. Collosians 3:17 with our words and deeds, do it in the name of Jesus. Genesis 1:1-9 shows us how God looked at the situation and make things change with only His words.

The first thing we know about God was creating things with words. The Bible tells us to create things with your words. The same mouth that is used to complain or cry for help, use it to speak words that will make things happen, words that will course changes in the name of Jesus. (Weeks ago we discussed of how Jesus Christ live was structured by the way of prophets many years before his time on Earth).

You may find yourself in a situation where it seems you may be ending, but when you remember the words you have been speaking of your life in the name of Jesus...just relax, your life will go as your words have structured it. Don’t worry about today, instead give thanks to God and be happy for your tomorrow.

The Bible says if you can see any situation, they are subjects to change. God did not call for heavenly machines to create things in the beginning, He did not call for Heavenly supper of light, no…all He did was speak words. Collosians 3:17 says give thanks to God and the father by him. (read more). Only human beings have a choice to take or refuse when God speaks to them, not even angels can refuse the words of God, because humans are created to be like him (God) to choose.

The Bible also says, when God speaks...the word does not come back void. So until you accept the words of God ( ask anything in my name...Jesus Christ and it shall come to pass, have faith and put it to work). the devil will not obey. For example, 5 people, children of God asking for the same thing. Unfortunately 4 of them are praying; oh Lord help me to get this thing, and 1 of them prays with the knowledge of the Lord: in the name of Jesus I have this thing, thank you Father for you have given me my need. You can see the difference with the quality of the prayer compared to the other 4 people.

Like Jonah prayed inside the belly of the fish. He prayed with thanksgiving, believing that God has answered and testifying how he will give praise in the house of God. Likewise the King Hezekiah about to die, the prophet (Isaiah), sent by God, told him he was going to die of the sickness, the king prayed to God and the same prophet was sent back to revoke his prophecy and gave him a better news, of more years in his life.

When Jesus sent his disciples to prepare a place in a town for him, the people of the town refused them and the disciples where sent off, with the faith the discples carried, especially Peter and John, they didn't give return to give the bad news to Jesus, but to get permission to command fire from heaven upon the town, (with their words). But Jesus said don't do that...he didn't say they couldn't do that, but he said told them to not destroy other men, because that’s not a way of a child of God.

If you are born again, God's attention is on you. And he's waiting for you to speak words that he may bring it to pass to show His glory...! Read Genesis 18.



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