I affirm that the Word of God is the truth by which I live today and every day. The Word has given me light and understanding and has strengthened my faith to lay a hold of all that the Father has given to me in Christ Jesus. I am living triumphantly, making my way prosperous, as I live in, and by, the Word.

I am alive unto God; my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, where His glory, beauty, aura, and perfections are manifested. I function in the dominion of the Spirit, having been enthroned over Satan, the principalities of darkness, and all negative circumstances.

My life is the manifestation of the graces, many-sided wisdom, and perfections of God, whose glory I am, and whose presence I carry.

Christ lives in me; His life and immortality have been unveiled in my spirit! I am a partaker of the God-life— a life that is superior to sickness, disease, satan, and death! I walk in dominion today over death and everything associated with darkness, for I dwell in the realm of life. I’ve passed from death to life; therefore, all that is associated with death can never Lord it over me. Jesus is the Lord of life; I can never be disadvantaged, because He is my Rock, my salvation, and my exceeding great reward! He’s made my life beautiful, and I am His delight! Glory to His Name forever. Hallelujah!




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