I say the Lord has made great and wonderful things in my life! My heart is filled with joy; an indescribable joy and full of glory. My heart rejoices with his goodness, for he filled my mouth with laughter and singing of praise. I am fortified because the joy of the Lord in my mind is my strength. Sadness, depression and heaviness are far from me, because I carry an atmosphere of joy everywhere I go.

My life is adorned by the spirit of God; for I am the book of God in Christ Jesus; created for good works. I only do good works because I was born and shaped for good works! I went from death to life; sin and all its basics have no power over me. I have received a anointing from the Holy Spirit and this anointing opens my understanding to all things. Every day I am taught by the spirit of God and hidden things are revealed to my mind. I am driven and guided by the spirit, my choices and decisions are based on the word.

Wisdom guides me and pushes me from the inside to take appropriate measures that are compatible with God's purpose and call for my life. I will never walk into confusion or lose my way. I am on the path of success, glory, victory and divine destiny! I walk in préordonnés trails, because predestination is at work in me! The course of events in my life was structured by God to bring him glory, having established me to accomplish my destiny in him! Glory to God. Hallelujah!




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