I claim that the Lord is the light of my life, by which I sail in an excellent way through life in victory, domination and success. I have been granted an excellent spirit that is full of eternal deposits of goodness, graces, differences and the beauty of God. My understanding is illuminated to have a precise knowledge of the great wealth of the father's glorious legacy in me. Christ lives in me; his life and immortality have been revealed in my mind! I am a participant in divine life -- a life that is superior to disease, evil, Satan and death! I walk today in domination over death and everything associated with darkness, for I remain in the reign of life. God's wisdom is at work in me today! She heard in my voice and seen in my actions! It pushes me to work with divine insight in the plan and destiny of God for me, while treating with excellence all my things. I work with the light of God's word today by the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives in me and leads me glory in glory. Blessed be God!




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