#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 16TH MARCH. . I affirm that I am filled with the knowledge of God's Word in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Life is a mystery to me, because as I meditate on the Word, the Holy Spirit unveils spiritual realities to me, enlightening the eyes of my understanding to know and apprehend my inheritance in Christ! I live triumphantly because I live by the knowledge of God's Word. I've been granted all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who has called me unto glory and virtue. I am filled with the fullness of the Father; therefore, I bring forth from the fullness in my spirit, I bring forth divine verities to bless my world and the regions beyond. I am highly connected; I can never run dry! Christ is my source, I am sufficient in His sufficiency; there’s no shortage in my life, but completeness. All things are working together for my good because I love the Lord. Hallelujah! Irrespective of how bad things get, I am a victor in Christ Jesus, because I am in league — in partnership—with the Monarch of the universe. Anywhere I go in the world, the Father knows, He cares, He is concerned, and He is mindful of me to do me good. Blessed be God. Hallelujah! 



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