I affirm that my life is as a well-watered garden. I bring forth fruits, in and out of season, because I live by the Word. God is the One at work in me, both to will and to do of His good pleasure. His power in me is activated to bring forth blessings and miracles today. I am not ordinary; my spirit is flooded with the warmth of God’s love, and my heart is refreshed in His presence and overwhelmed with His peace. Everything that concerns me is perfected by the Father, and I am guided in the path of success, victory, and increased productivity. I am mightily blessed of the Lord and my days are loaded with divine favour! Everywhere I turn, good is channeled towards me. No man or institution will ever disfavor me because the Lord has surrounded me with His favour. The favour of the Lord is at work in me; therefore, I go out with joy and I am led forth with peace; the mountains and hills break forth before me in singing and all the trees of the field clap their hands. Hallelujah! I am loaded with all the benefits of life such that I am thoroughly furnished with all I need to live joyfully always. The favour of God is bestowed on me to reign in life today and forever. Glory to God. Hallelujah!


God Bless You.

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