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Affirmation For Today


I affirm that the grace of God has brought beauty and excellence into my life.

My capacity has increased; therefore, I increase in my finances, I increase in my ministry, I increase in my career, I increase in knowledge, I increase in strength, I increase in every area of my life. My territory is enlarged and I am producing durable results. Hallelujah!

Doors of opportunities are open unto me in different continents of the earth. My name regularly comes up for the right opportunities. Nothing will ever take me by surprise because I have inside information.

I am an offspring of the Word, I eat of the good of the land; for the earth and the fullness thereof belongs to me. I am joined to the Lord; I have become one with Him. There's nothing that I do that will fail. I only play one game and that is winning. If I ever get involved, God is involved.

I am anointed to succeed; I don't believe in failure and I can never fail. The Lord has given me grace for that which He’s called me to do. I recognize that grace, and function in it. Everywhere I go; the grace of brings me favour, prosperity, health, and supernatural increase. Watch out world; It doesn't matter how I start, I will end up as the best. Glory to God!


God Bless You.

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