Don’t Stop Talking It; Keep Saying It

#KeepSayingIt #1445

I take advantage of God’s grace and might in me, in accomplishing all that Father has ordained for me to do today. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. He lives in me in His fullness, therefore I am invincible! I give expression to His wisdom, ability, and excellence in me today.

I'm Highly Blessed Of The Most High God. I'm Blessed In my Mind. I'm Blessed In my Thoughts. I'm Blessed In my Body. I'm Blessed In my Going Out and Coming In. I'm Blessed In my Businesses. I'm Blessed In my Bank Accounts. I'm Blessed In my Studies. I'm Blessed In my Marriage. I'm Blessed In my Family. I'm Blessed In Everything I put my hands to do. I'm blessed in my businesses.

I'm Blessed Everywhere I Go. I'm Blessed Wherever I Am. I'm Blessed in the city. I'm Blessed in the field. I'm Blessed everyday of my life. I'm Blessed Globally (International & National). I'm Blessed Spiritually. I'm Blessed Physically. I'm Blessed Emotionally. I'm Blessed Socially. I'm Blessed In Unusual Places. I'm blessed in my cell, I'm blessed in my fellowship. I'm blessed in my department. I'm blessed in my church. I'm a blessing to the body of Christ. I'm blessed. Hallelujah!



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