Global Day Of Prayer

Updated: Mar 28

"Hear me about the Virus, IT'S DEAD!" - Pastor Chris

Highlights as Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn lead Christians around the world, irrespective of denominations, to take a stand in unity against the forces of darkness causing panic and perplexity in the world today at Global Day of Prayer.

“Satan has been dominating the nations with fear and panic…many have retreated to their homes. Social distancing is antisocial…We understand what’s going on, so we’re going to cut off the influence of the devil from the nations, governments and churches!

We take back our countries, our towns and our cities. We take back our lands, hallelujah! We come against sicknesses in schools, we do not live in fear, we take charge of our surroundings by the power of the Holy Ghost! We take back our Churches, our hospitals, our offices and our schools in every nation” - Pastor Chris



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