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Talking Session with Pastor Chris



Dear Father, I thank You for making me an embodiment of wisdom, in Christ. Christ is my wisdom; therefore, I’m wise; wisdom is seen in my actions and heard in my words today. I have insight into mysteries; I dissolve doubts and unravel hard sentences. Hallelujah! I thank You for the revelation of Your Word to my spirit today. I triumph always and in every place, by the power of the Holy Ghost, and the shout of rejoicing is forever in my mouth.

I am fruitful and productive because Christ is in me, and I am in Him; we’re of the same stalk. Everything I do prospers, and I am making progress from glory to glory. My faith is active and always prevailing! Circumstances align with my faith-filled confessions and I rule, reign, and dominate my world by my faith.

I walk in the full blessings of the Gospel of Christ and enjoy the eternal realities of the Kingdom. With the Word of God in my mouth, I frame the kind of life and environment I desire; I arrange and fashion my life and my world to synchronize with God’s perfect will. All things work together for my good. I am never helpless, for my faith is strong and prevailing. Glory to God!

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